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Multitalented graphic artist with close to 20 years creating top notch creative assets utilized to improve brand awareness, increase sales, promote specific incentives and excel company growth. Extensive experience includes creating high quality design, corporate branding, custom illustration, classic print & layout production. A degree in 3D animation & motion graphics has supplied the personal knowledge to generate over 100 excellent videos for social media marketing, product promotion & traditional broadcast use. With each video success showing massive increase in more significant natural following therefore leading to direct sales. A sociable collaborator extremely passionate about art & unique design, excellent communication skills, interactive & ready to work efficiently to keep the workflow running properly.

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Over a decade of learning ways to create graphics & media content. Confident in my ability to provide a high end product.

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Work History

Graphic Design/Content Creation/Art Direction
Freelance - Los Angeles, CA
*2001 to 2021
Currently freelance making graphics for all key areas of modern print & the web. Over 16 productive years creating branding elements, innovative videos, & unique illustrations helping to grow corporate entities, launch private businesses and complete commissioned client requests. Being trained in fine art helps largely as a creative director. Some of the time taken up as a freelance artist is typically making canvas paintings, commissioned murals & producing complicated mixed media artwork. Successful projects completed for Gareth Emery, ABC, Calvin Harris, CCCN, Red Carpet Manicure, Artistic Nail Design, Canto Diem and many more..Tools Employed: OSX, iPadOS, Adobe, C4D, CSS, HTML, Java, Wordpress, CodePen, & traditional fine art tools.

Project Manager/Studio Assistant
Tristan Eaton - Los Angeles, CA
*2019 to 2021
Studio assist in the day-to-day painting needs including creation and ultimate completion of fine artwork for his career changing Long Beach museum show. Project leader in major e-commerce platform change to Shopify leading to 60% leap in online sales from conversion alone. Designed Shopify look and website code page layout with a focus on product & customer satisfaction. Created a solid workflow with the owner to smooth out shipping, packaging and receiving which produced an increase in sales by 30 percent. The new workflow managed to cutdown the existing budget by almost half of what was being spent. Tools Used: Mac OS, iPad, Adobe, Shopify, Squarespace, Shipstation, large scale printing, traditional fine art tools.

Art Director / Graphic Designer
Mishka - Los Angeles, CA
*2017 to 2019
When approached to create Mishka brand, the product existed but the look and feel did not. It was an extraordinary feeling when they fell in love with the first design concept in the pitch roll. Artwork coming out of U.S.S.R. during time of the Cold War wielded a considerable influence while creating Mishka. With an appearance in a Netflix documentary, award for top cannabis design in Los Angeles, & countless customer 5.0 star reviews it is one of the favorite accomplishments. Responsibilities included creating all branding assets including current logo & product packaging. Provided custom artwork for marketing purposes, social media creative, templates for internal and external use. Designed custom artwork for soft & hard goods that were placed in various stores in Los Angeles. Managed customer service relationships with printers, installers and more. Tools Used: Mac OS, iPad, Adobe, large scale printing, paint techniques.

Art Director / Graphic Designer
MMD - Los Angeles, CA
*2015 to 2019
Carefully created & managed storage of all creative assets used in properly promoting the brand. Oversaw deployment of valuable resources including but not limited to print, social media, P.O.P, Billboard Design and marketing assets. Engineered a solid workflow between HQ and the shop fronts supplying custom artwork for each one independently including individual store products. Working collaboratively with the CEO & CFO to ensure the needs, contending to develop excellent brand strategies that prove initiative success. Using email and text marketing strategies MMD tripled their walk-in traffic every year. Tools Used: Mac OS, iPad, Adobe, C4D, large scale printing, Mailchimp, Wordpress &

West Medical Center - Los Angeles, CA
*2015 to 2017
Produced artwork for large-scale print specifically billboards & magazine placement. Generated genuine graphic content for social media which was posted several times daily and always proved successful in sales statistics. Produced completed scripts for radio & tv commercials that would typically be played hourly all over the West Coast instantly producing a steady flow of new patients regularly. Tools Used: Mac OS, Adobe, Google Earth

Hand and Nail Harmony - Los Angeles, CA
*2012 to 2015
Managed visual communications & mixed media department with direct growth in brand awareness. Using beautifully made lifestyle, product education, consumers responsive videos we created a direct connection to followers and possible sales. Tools Used: Seamless wall studio, Mac OS, Canon 5D, Nikon 60D, Aria Lighting, Adobe, C4D

Dragon Alliance - San Diego, CA
*2009 to 2012
Eagerly supported in most senior level art direction & production process. During this time the presence o*f the brand became massive and significant companies began showing interest including NIKE who later bought the them. Tools Used: Mac OS, Adobe, C4D, large scale printing with direct relation to Print Broker.

College - The Art Institute of California - San Diego / Media art & Animation / Bachelor of Arts
High School - Mt Carmel High School / Diploma

San Francisco born and San Diego bred, I honed my craft by growing up in a culture of skateboarding and graffiti. Having a love for street art and cartoons, it seems to comes natural to draw crazy characters that showcase the elements that have influenced me all my life.