Brand – Mishka Slogan – We Are Mishka; Mishka is your friend, Trust in Mishka

Reliance & Kind Search Video

Learn about SEO and how R/K can help you grow your business by harnessing the power of your brands online presence through SEO. Budget – Mid Level Animation – After Effects Final Sequence Edit – Premiere Pro Sound Design – Premiere Pro, After Effects

ASTRAEA – Still Dancing Artwork and Video

Astraea is an up and coming singer / songwriter based out of Los Angeles. I was lead in the production and art direction for her “Still Dancing” single release. It was a great project and it is so fun to watch Astraea continue to nail the charts with her hauntingly beautiful vocals and steadfast four on the floor beats. [envira-gallery id=”14079″] Click the …


Just a simple graphic Design Project. This was one of those projects that you wish would go further and sincerely hope they do but all you get is some art that you made whoosh away on your computer and say “they come and they go”. T-shirt Design for Beso Beso. A company based in Los Angeles.  

ABC / Siberia – Key Art and Title Slides

A quick project that had awesome results! Opening credits of the show known as Siberia. The series features 16 contestants that must survive in the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska, but some don’t make it. The contestants must live in a makeshift village build by ABC to recreate an old fur trading village before the 1908 Tunguska event where a blast …